Research project on digital platforms in the sharing economy

Which opportunities do cooperative models and blockchain technology offer to the sharing economy? In the inter- and transdiciplinary junior research group platforms2share we want to answer this question.

Today, new digital platforms for sharing, swapping and other ways of collaborative consumption are widely associated with positive economic, ecological and social effects. At the same time, existing platforms like Airbnb and Uber are increasingly criticized in public debate for having negative effects on people, local economies and our planet. As a counter model, new decentral models combining alternative organizational forms (such as platform cooperatives) and new technologies (such as Blockchain technology) are discussed and tested. The promise to better reach social-ecological goals and offer potential transform the sharing and platform economy.

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The Digital Congress of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation under the title "#DigitalCapitalism" took place from 29-30 October in Berlin. The participants discussed various aspects of the question: How can everyone participate in digital progress and benefit from the possibilities of new technologies? To this end, the event combined lectures with panel discussions, debates and forum sessions. Individual program items were broadcasted in a live stream. We have summarized the central statements.
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Does digital economy really bring its promised progress for all or does it rather bring enormous power and profits to a few? Will digitalization inevitably lead to more inequality? How can we create a framework, which enables everyone to benefit from this progress? Under the concept #DigitalCapitalism, the congress of the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung in Berlin (October 29-30, 2019) will examine various aspects of digital change and present approaches to fair digitalization in business and society.
(Deutsche Fassung des Textes unten).
On October 22nd, former Deliveroo riders and curious supporters met at SUPERMAKRT e.V. Berlin in order to discuss the next steps for getting an alternative cooperatively-governed delivery service in Berlin off the ground. The event was co-organized by Ela Kagel, Andreas Arnold, Thomas Dönnebrink, Jonas Pentzien, Dominik Piétron and Stefano Lombardo.
At this year’s LABOR.A conference, organized by the Hans Böckler Foundation (HBS), platforms2share performed a scenic play that raised the question of how the cooperative form could be made fit for the digital age in order to reorganize platform work. The scenic play was followed by a WorldCafé round, in which the current situation as well as possibilities for action for improving the conditions for platform cooperatives for state institutions, politicians, trade unions and platform workers were discussed.


Universität Mannheim
10:00 AM-5:00 PM

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Technology must benefit citizens - Review of the Digital Congress of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation
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Platform Coops Berlin: Building a Local Food Delivery Network
#DigitalCapitalism – who wants to keep up, must be online. The digital congress of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Berlin discusses consequences of digitalization and the question how to deal with these
LABOR.A 2019 – platforms2share participates in scenic play on the pros and cons of platform cooperativism as a model for the future of work
Dr. Dominika Wruk