Organizational Forms and the field of the Platform Economy

Platform organizations for sharing, swapping and other ways of collaborative consumption are widely associated with positive economic, ecological and social effects, but existing organizational forms also face much criticism. What alternative organizational forms exist in the platform economy?

Societal expectations regarding the aims of organizations have changed at the latest since the global economic and financial crisis in 2008. Established firms are expected to not only be economically successful, but to also act in a socially and ecologically responsible way. In addition, newly founded organizations aim to achieve social and ecological aims by using management practices and means.

Particularly interesting are thereby new models of sharing, because sharing organizations are active in various industries and organizational fields and because where they oftentimes cooperate or compete with established organizations. They thereby rely on the same set of management practices, but combine them in a way that allows them to achieve social and ecological aims. As a result, new organizational forms evolve. 

Despite the existing diversity of these forms it is not yet understood, how these organizational forms evolve and what impact they have. Contributing to closing this research gap is the aim of this research project.


How do we get a comprehensive understanding of the sharing economy? (07/11/2019)
To develop a comprehensive and holistic picture of current research on the sharing economy, researchers from different disciplines presented their work at the 5th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy at the University of Mannheim in 2018. Dominika Wruk, member of platforms2share, Achim Oberg and Indre Maurer have published the Best Paper Proceedings to the workshop, that comprises a selection of short papers. The volume is published with Cambridge Scholars Publishing. more...
How are sharing organizations’ business models linked to values? Paper presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2019 (06/09/2019)
Dominika Wruk from platforms2share together with her co-authors Achim Oberg, Jennifer Klutt & Indre Maurer developed an approach to analyze how business models and values are linked. Applying this approach in the context of the sharing economy, they found two strategies to link models and values: Grassrots initiatives mainly address sustainability values while platform-based organizations mainly address economic values. It will be interesting to see, whether platform cooperatives represent a hybrid model by linking a platform business model to sustainability values. more...
Platform Coop Learning Journey: Insights and video ducumentation (30/05/2019)
Mid of May, a delegation of platform coops from Belgium visited Berlin for a two-day learning journey organized by SUPERMARKT Berlin with the organisational and financial support of BeShared and platforms2share. more...




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