Platform Politics & State-Market-Relations

The rise of the platform economy changes the nature of work and leads to a restructuring of national economies. From a political science perspective, it is analyzed what role political institutions play in these transformations.

To understand platform politics and state-market relations, the following research questions are answered: 

What strategies do governments use in order to adapt to and influence these changes? What policies and regulations are implemented in order to affect the platform economy’s outcomes? And to what extent is market behavior framed by these policies and regulations?

What drives an individual to found or become member of a platform cooperative? What kind of ‘values’ and promises do individuals attribute to platforms with different degrees of decentralization? 


Platforms2share Presents Comparative Study on the Politics of Platform Cooperativism at International Conference in New York City (21/01/2020)
In November 2019, Jonas Pentzien traveled to New York City to present his research on the politics of platform cooperativism at the 4th International Platform Cooperativism-Conference “Who Owns the World?”. His comparative study on legislative obstacles for platform co-ops in the United States, France, and Germany will be published by the Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy (ICDE) in spring 2020. more...
Platforms2share Travels to New York City to Present Research Results at This Year’s International Platform Cooperativism-Conference (20/11/2019)
In his role as research fellow for the New School’s Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy, Jonas Pentzien will travel to New York City for this year’s edition of the platform cooperativism-conference called “Who Owns the World?”. At the conference, he will present first results of his comparative study of legislative obstacles for platform cooperatives in the United States, France, and Germany. more...
Platform Cooperatives as Pioneers of Degrowth? platforms2share at the Great Transformation-Conference in Jena (05/10/2019)
In September, Santje Kludas from platforms2share participated at a panel debating the role of cooperatives in the platform economy. The dialogue between scientists and practitioners addressed the conference's main theme of a Great Transformation by taking a closer look at the digital realm. more...




Jonas Pentzien
Jonas Pentzien