Social & Economic Impact

By lowering transaction costs dramatically, digital platforms can enhance social and economic participation. Existing work and debates suggest that social and economic effects are different for different organizational forms. This idea is to be tested empirically.

Digital platforms for sharing, swapping and other ways of collaborative consumption are widely associated with economic and social gains. However, existing platforms that centrally own and provide the necessary infrastructure (data, software and service solutions) are perceived increasingly critical in public debate. Due to their central position, these platforms could skim off rents from transactions, with the result that the anticipated positive economic distribution effects would only occur to a limited extent. 

As an antithesis, different decentral models combining alternative organizational forms and new technologies are discussed and tested. These alternative models follow a more decentralized approach which is pursued at different levels. At the technological level, decentralized concepts for data storage and transaction are developed (e.g. blockchain); at the organizational level, cooperatives are founded; at the individual level, founders as well as providers and consumers of products and services are more strongly motivated by social and ecological goals.

Up until now, there is no systematical research on whether these negative and positive effects of centralized and decentralized platform models actually exist. The aim is to analyze social and economic effects of different organizational forms in the platform economy. 


platforms2share at VÖW Herbstakademie "Sharing at the City" (10/10/2018)
What forms of sharing contribute to more sustainable lifestyles and how do they diffuse? How do established firms deal with the sharing trend and what implications does this have for their environment? These questions guided the VÖW Herbstakademie 2018. Dominika Wruk from platforms2share discussed at the final panel challenges of sharing organizations "between voluntary work and business". more...
How to WEconomize local infrastructures? Invitation to talk and discussion (29/05/2018)
platforms2share & Platform Coops Berlin invite to a joint workshop. Zafrir Bloch-Davin and Yair Friedman from WEconomize in Tel Aviv, Israel, will present and discuss two current projects on local ecosystems and platforms. more...
Which opportunities do cooperative models and blockchain technology offer to the sharing economy? (20/10/2017)
In her talk "Cooperativly organised platform organizations: digital value creation collectively organised?" Dominika Wruk talks about the nature of the platform economy and presents the research agenda of platforms2share. more...


Prof. Dr. Dominika Wruk
Prof. Dr. Dominika Wruk
Prof. Dr. Achim Oberg
Prof. Dr. Achim Oberg