Tino Schöllhorn

Research Interests: Diffusion of Technology, Blockchain Technology, Organizations’ Self-Representations on the Internet

New technologies play a major role in the rise of new economies. The latest example might be the establishment of internet technologies which in turn gave rise to the platform economy. The platform economy currently follows a central logic which can be summed up as “The winner takes it all” leading to market forces favoring few, huge and central platforms – often at the brink of forming a monopoly. As such the current platform economy has some problematic properties and dynamics for society.

Within the sharing economy – a sub-sector of the platform economy – there are some efforts to overcome the logics of centralization and to create a more decentralized platform economy. One kind of these efforts involves the use of a new technology, which is based around the Blockchain. The Blockchain Technology enables the creation of decentralized services, which might be used as a new backbone of business and sharing opportunities. Such decentralized services might make the role of a central platform organization superfluous.

As I have studied Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim with a focus on organizational studies, I am interested in the diffusion of the Blockchain Technology. Within platforms2share I am concerned with the following research questions:

  • How is the Blockchain Technology embedded in the current knowledge pool of society?
  • Which organizations and actors drive and influence the diffusion of the Blockchain Technology? What role do these actors play in the process of diffusion?
  • Which organizations adopt the Blockchain Technology? What other technologies or concepts do these organizations combine with the Blockchain Technology?

Currently I am working at the Institute for SME Research and Entrepreneurship (ifm) located at the University of Mannheim. Apart from my research for platforms2share, I am working on the general topic of “self-representations of organizations in the internet” focusing on methods that are used for the semi-automatic collection of organizational data on the internet.