Workshop: How do Digital Platforms Influence our Lives?

As part of a workshop on digitization, Clara Wolff and Santje Kludas visited Grüne Jugend Hamburg to talk about current developments within the platform economy asking: How do digital platforms influence our everyday lives? How do they work? And in which way do they change working conditions?

In June, Clara Wolff and Santje Kludas from platforms2share held an introductory input on the platformization at a workshop on digitization organized by Grüne Jugend Hamburg.

First, the platforms2share members gave a brief overview about the workings of platforms in general, the political and economic factors of their emergence and the main controversies currently debated. Afterwards, Wolff and Kludas introduced the aims of the platform cooperativism movement to create social and ecological alternatives within the platform economy. In a vivid discussion with the participants, they finally discussed questions concerning data ownership, (un-)ecological practices and precarious working conditions. The participants of the workshop How do Digital Platforms Influence our Lives emphasized the need for political regulation and user’ sovereignty concerning their own data. As one solution among others, interoperability of platforms was put forward.