Platform Coops Berlin: Building a Local Food Delivery Network

Picture: platforms2share

On October 22nd, platforms2share co-organized an event that aimed to support a local initiative of former Deliveroo riders. The event brought together ormer Deliveroo riders and supporters at SUPERMAKRT Berlin in order to discuss the next steps of building a local food delivery network and for getting it off the ground.

After Deliveroo pulled out of Germany in August this year, a group of former riders started to run their own local pop-up delivery service. Just minutes after Deliveroo ceased operation, Kolyma2 started its business – cooperatively run and focused on delivering sustainable meals. During the evening event at SUPERMARKT, around 25 participants assessed the status quo of food delivery in Berlin in a post-Deliveroo landscape and enganged in discussions in order to elaborate on the possibilities and barriers of strenghtening such an alternative, cooperatively governed delivery service in Berlin.

The gathering at SUPERMARKT was characterized by the collective effort of delivery riders, researchers, collaborative economy activists and representatives of the city administration to find an answer to the question “what does it take to create local, fair and cooperative delivery services that we can all benefit from?” After a report from riders of Kolyma2 on current activities as well as a short report on the German delivery market, the group identified different aspects that would need to be addressed in order for a delivery coop to succeed in Berlin. These different aspects were then discussed in smaller break-out groups.

While one group focused on marketing and possible target groups, another one discussed legal forms and organizational models. A third group talked about open source tools for collaboration and how they could be integrated in the process of setting up an alternative delivery platform. At the end of the meeting, all groups presented their results with a particular focus on what the next steps would need to be.

The event was the kick-off for an ongoing series of meetups that will help bootstrapping new organizations such as alternative delivery platforms. For more information and a detailed documentation of the event, please, follow this link.

On October 22nd, former Deliveroo riders and curious supporters met at SUPERMAKRT e.V. Berlin in order to discuss the next steps for getting an alternative cooperatively-governed delivery service in Berlin off the ground. The event was co-organized by Ela Kagel, Andreas Arnold, Thomas Dönnebrink, Jonas Pentzien from platforms2share, Dominik Piétron and Stefano Lombardo.