platforms2share co-organizes session at Ökobilanz-Werkstatt in Osnabrück

Picture: "earth-158806" by OpenClipart-Vectors under Pixabay License

In October 2018, Michael Jäger from platforms2share co-organized the session „Beyond Production – about the relevance of the use phase in life cycle assessment" at the 14th Ökobilanz-Werkstatt in Osnabrück, a conference on life cycle assessement (LCA) hosted by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU (German Federal Environmental Foundation).

The session „Beyond Production – about the relevance of the use phase in life cycle assessment" was co-organized and co-hosted by a group of junior researchers form different research institutes all concerned with the further development of life cycle assessment (LCA) methodes: Johanna Pohl (TU Berlin, SÖF research group „Digitization and Sustainability“), Paul Suski  (Wuppertal-Institut, SÖF research group „UrbanUp“), Franziska Haucke (University of Osnabrück), Felix Piontek (University of Ulm) and Michael Jäger, member of platforms2share working at Fraunhofer IBP. 

In the working session „Beyond Production”, differerent approaches to the assessemnt of the use phase were introduced. The hosts emphasized the relevance of user decision and behaviour in LCA and discussed related modelling aspects with regard to the definitions of system boundaries, the use phase and the collection of inventory data. The results of the discussion lead to a publication in the collective volume “Progress in Life Cycle Assessment 2018“, which will be published in 2019 by Springer-Verlag.

The 15th “Ökobilanz-Werkstatt – In theory and practice” will be hosted by Fraunhofer IBP and will take place from September 17th till 19th 2019 in Stuttgart. Fore more information visit the Fraunhofer IBP website.


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