How to WEconomize local infrastructures? Invitation to talk and discussion

Picture: Weconomize

platforms2share & Platform Coops Berlin invite to a joint workshop. Zafrir Bloch-Davin and Yair Friedman from WEconomize in Tel Aviv, Israel, will present and discuss two current projects on local ecosystems and platforms.

For the June edition of Platform Coops Meet-Up Berlin, we will welcome Dr. Yair Friedman and Dr. Zafrir Bloch-David from Tel Aviv to present  WEconomize, a research, consulting and entrepreneurial activity engaged with collaborative economy business models and complementary currencies in Israel. They will present two projects / themes, relevant to local ecosystems and platforms. First, they will present some work on complementary currencies as platforms designed and engineered to empower SMEs and local economies. Such currencies, when designed correctly, encourage desired behaviors and may be utilized as effective chirurgical tools in the hands of municipalities, cooperatives and communities.Then, Yair and Zafrir will discuss their experience in encouraging municipalities to embrace the sharing economy as a strategic tool. They have recently added Tel Aviv to the Sharing Cities Alliance and are working with several leading cities in Israel on diverse projects.

The event is addressed to all social entrepreneurs, platform coop builders, researchers and policy makers who want to find out what it takes to build infrastructures that really create shared value for communities.

Zafrir Bloch-David is a co-founder of the WEconomize Group. He completed his doctorate at the Recanati business School of Tel Aviv University. He is currently a senior consultant to municipalities, governmental offices and civil society organizations in Israel. He is also a faculty member at the Tel Aviv-Jaffa academic college. Zafrir teaches several courses about the sharing economy, behavioral economics and social psychology. His research focuses on complementary currencies and Sharing Economy. Previously, he co-founded several start-up companies in sectors such as security (intelligence), energy and social business management.

Yair Friedman is a co-founder of WEconomize (as well as several other start-ups) and consults governmental and municipal bodies as well as NGOs and various organizations on shared value creation and complementary currencies. Previously, he was a veteran Private Equity Executive with practical experience in M&A, bizdev and strategic consulting. He completed his PhD at the Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, Tel Aviv University, where he is a Lecturer on Strategic Consulting, the Sharing Economy, M&A and Strategy. Yair’s research is currently focused on the sharing economy, complementary currencies design and engineering, decision making and SMEs.

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