Jonas Pentzien



Research Interests: State-Market-Relations, Digital Transformation, Regulation, Individual Motivation of Founders, Members & Users

The rise of the platform economy changes the nature of work and leads to a restructuring of national economies. As a Political Scientist, I am interested in the role political institutions play in these transformations. What strategies do governments use in order to adapt to and influence these changes? What policies and regulations are implemented in order to affect the platform economy’s outcomes? And to what extent is market behavior framed by these policies and regulations?

Within platforms2share, I pursue these questions by analyzing conflicts surrounding the politics of the platform economy and the role that interest groups play in influencing platform-related governmental activity. Furthermore, I study market behavior in the platform economy through the lens of individual motivation. What drives an individual to found or become member of a platform cooperative? What kind of ‘values’ and promises do individuals attribute to platforms with different degrees of decentralization? 

Taken together, I am interested in how the emergence of digital platforms affects state-market-relations, and what potentials for innovative organizational forms and individual practices are thereby opened up. I have studied Political Economy and Comparative Politics in Berlin, Madrid and Baltimore and have taught classes on the Digital Economy and State-Market-Relations at the John-F-Kennedy-Institute in Berlin. Beyond my role in platforms2share, I work as a researcher at the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) where I deal with questions concerning the possibilities and pitfalls of digital transformations, innovative governance mechanisms and shifting patterns of consumer behavior.